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When the Garage Opener Remote Does not Work

12/03/2013 Back To Blog

When you are pressing the garage door clicker, but the opener is not activated you should not rush off to get a new one right away. There are several things, which might keep the door from working properly and you can easily find the reason of the malfunction on your own. Sometimes, remotes may stop working due to a sudden problem with the electricity and, in this case, you might want to search if this is a problem of your home or the whole neighborhood in Winthrop.

Taking care of the remote

  • The most common reason remote controls don't function is when their batteries die. It's to your best interest to keep extra batteries at home and in the car, so that you will never be locked out of the garage.
  • Take care of the dust of the inner circuit, but you must be gentle because these are sensitive parts.
  • If it's relatively old, the buttons might have become problematic and they won't make good contact with the opener. In this case, you should consider replacing it with something more modern that would provide you better safety as well.
  • In some cases, the garage door opener transmitter may need to be reprogrammed again, especially if it opens multiple openers. In this case, you should follow closely the instructions on the manual and if you get perplexed you should get consultation from any garage door repair services in Winthrop.
  • If the remote is completely damaged or broken, it will certainly need replacement.

Safety guide

Don't forget that it's the key to your house in Massachusetts and, hence, you must keep it well protected from strangers or kids and pets in the house. Make sure it is kept in a place your children cannot find or reach it and don't forget that it would be wise to have a second one hidden in a safe spot. In this case, you must remember to use the two devices alternatively in order to keep their batteries alive.

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