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Biggest Garage Door Concerns

12/03/2013 Back To Blog

In regards to garage doors, customers have lots of concerns. Some are based on the door while others are about repairs, components, adjustments, openers, and manufacturers.Here are some of the common solutions to such concerns.

Unbalanced Door

With the door is down, pull the safety cord that releases it from the track. This allows you to lift the door manually. Try to lift the garage door. It should be easy to do. If there is any resistance, more than likely the door is off track. The opener, chain, and springs are designed to do the work for you, carrying the majority of the weight. However, this cannot be accomplished if the door is unbalanced.

Aluminum Doors

There are advantages when choosing aluminum garage doors. They are lighter and require less upkeep. These qualities play a major role in their longevity. Their aluminum frames are also beneficial because you can recycle them which help the environment.

Painting the Door

Painting your door is a great way to revive and bring it back to life. Fiberglass, steel, and wood can be painted. A fresh coated garage door complements the look of the home. A high grade of paint is the best option. This will prevent cracking and chipping as well as extending the life of the door. Garage door repair Winthrop recommend avoiding oil-based paints because they will eventually bubble and peel.

After Installation

Many people wonder what they should do next once their garage door installation is done. It is not rocket science. Safety and maintenance should be the next thing on the list of exploring. Also, become familiar with the door, the opener, other moving components, and how they all work together as one. All of this information is available in your owner’s manual.

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